Top 10 Must-Have Doomsday Prep Items

1. Water

I know, obviously right? But don’t get caught with your metaphorical foot in your mouth when the apocalypse occurs suddenly. Make sure you have a healthy supply of reserve water on hand AT ALL TIMES! And when I say healthy I mean at least 10 gallons, no funny business here.

2. Protein Powder

It’s bought in bulk, gives you energy inducing nutrients, has a long shelf life, and fills you up. Furthermore, the item listed above is a perfect mixing agent. You can live off of a tub of protein powder for a month by yourself. If you’re sharing with the family, cut down the portion size and it should still last you a couple weeks. If you’re looking for a suggestion give BSN Syntha-6 chocolate a try…tastes just like a milkshake.

3. Flashlight

Preferably solar powered, otherwise add batteries to the list. Chances are electricity will be compromised resulting in street light failure. Don’t find yourself caught in the dark! If you do decide to go battery powered, I recommend the “Taclight” by Bell & Howell, man does this thing light up the night!

4. Battery Powered Radio

You’re going to need to stay connected to the outside world anyway you can. If others survive they will want to gather together and set up a camp that you’ll want to travel to. Two is always better than one and you will need all the help you can get to survive the aftermath.

5. Guns and Ammunition

Plural. Just like with water, stock up on ammo so you’ll be prepared all the time. There’s a reason why this makes the heart of the list. After food and water protection is your biggest key for survival.

6. First Aid Kit

There is a fair chance you or someone in your group will be injured either from the initial disaster or sometime during the aftermath. Keep a kit on hand and complete so you can disinfect and medicate.

7. Gasoline

Gotta get to that outpost somehow! Keep it stocked. Not only will it make transportation possible, it will also provide the ability to light a fire if need be.

8. Weed

No joke! It’s going to be real out there and you’re well aware of all the benefits of Marijuana. From pain reduction to peace of mind, a couple hits might be the only thing that keeps you from curling up in a corner and breathing your last. I recommend stashing one sativa and one indica so you can choose based on the need as well as mix for that hybrid effect.

9. Solo Cups

Yeah you’re right, it’s boring. But you’ll need something to drink your water and protein shakes from. And I know you know how cotton mouth can do you. Don’t take the chance.

10. Gas Mask

Okay so there’s a good chance whatever caused this disaster was us, humans. Man is likely to cause his own demise. So, if you don’t want to die of radiation poisoning, which of all the ways to die I don’t recommend this one, get you and yours each a gas mask so you’s can keep breathing.

These are the most crucial items to keep on hand in expectation of disaster but this is by no means a complete list. Go ahead and think about your day to day needs and add what you come up with in the comments, we’re all in this together. Good luck and stay woke, warriors.


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